Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Coming Halloween 2017...

Channel Zero: The No-End House on Syfy!

I couldn't be more excited about this. Nick Antosca and the rest of the team are seriously throwing their best at this story. Their vision is really, really interesting, and I can't wait to see their interpretation alive (and dead) on screen!


  1. Hey, do I have your permission to make a game of NoEnd House? I don't know if it will be a paid or free game yet but before I make any decisions I wanted to ask your permission. It won't be exactly the same storyline though, more like an inspired story (probably). I'll probably work on the game while I am waiting for your response so if I don't get any response, I will just make the decision myself I guess....

    Thanks for making an awesome story!

  2. Bowie I would play your game it sounds like a great idea with brian's permission of course just one question would would you make more then nine rooms and make them randomly generated so everyone gets a unique experience and has alot of replay value

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  4. Hey, Brian. I'm a film student at Boston University and was wondering if we could have your permission to make a short film based on No End House. We've already begun some preproduction on it solely as a class project, but we would love to have your permission to share the short outside of the classroom. If you're interested, we can exchange some contact information and work out the details.

  5. Hey Brian! I write for several horror news outlets; I wanted to ask if I could interview you about your story and the new season of Channel Zero for an article for FrightFeed.Com? You can reach me at Thank you!

  6. Brian,
    I squealed when I heard Channel Zero was taking on your story. No end house is what got me into reading online horror stories. I'm so looking forward to this and I hope they do your story justice.

  7. Hello Mr. Russell,

    My name is Ethan Lindner, an aspiring, highly-ambitious young filmmaker. I, too, would like to adapt your fantastic story into the cinematic medium whilst doing as much justice to the original work as possible. Last year, I produced and directed a short film adaptation of David Knoppel's (Lupus Creepus) creepypasta "Plot Holes" which can be found here:

    I would very much appreciate your written permission to adapt you work. If you'd like to discuss the matter privately, please contact me through email at

    Thank you very much and have an excellent rest of your day/evening,
    Ethan Lindner.

  8. Hi Brian! I was wondering if you were going to ever update No End House with a part 4. It was a very disappointing ending the way you left it.

  9. Hi Brian,

    My name is Declan Nicholls and I'm a voice-actor based in Brisbane, Australia. I absolutely love the "NoEnd House" story and would like to know if I could have your permission to record it as a short audiobook. Please let me know as soon as you can, I'd love to show people your great work. Hope to hear from you soon!